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Experts in Educational Travel

With over half a century of experience in educational tours and student travel, we know how to make your next school trip a breeze. 

As an educator and organizer, finding the right student travel company can be a difficult task, but at CTS we offer a comprehensive approach that plans out your entire trip and makes the process stress and worry free. Our award-winning team works alongside educators to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students ranging from fourth grade to an advanced collegiate level.

Whether you’re planning an arts tour in Italy or an eighth grade trip to Washington DC, we offer a comprehensive approach that plans out your entire trip and makes the process stress and worry free. 

Worldwide Educational Tours

Washington DC Student Tours

Domestic Tours

Corporate Travel offers teachers an opportunity to enrich their students' education through captivating domestic tours. Our expertly crafted itineraries combine educational experiences with unforgettable adventures, fostering a love for learning. From historical landmarks to immersive cultural encounters, we provide safe and enriching journeys that bring textbooks to life. At CTS, we strive to transform students' educational experiences into memorable encounters.

International Student Experiences and Group Tours
European Student Tours

International Experiences

At Corporate Travel, we believe in broadening students' horizons through enriching international journeys. Our meticulously planned itineraries blend education with adventure, allowing students to explore the world's diverse cultures and history. Utilizing immersive global experiences, we create unforgettable, safe learning adventures. With Corporate Travel, students can embark on educational explorations that inspire a lifelong appreciation for the world's wonders. 

U.S. Student Tours and Private Group Tours

Transportation Excellence

While working with CTS, you can rest assured your students will receive a top quality touring experience. Whether traveling by motorcoach or air, the safety and comfort of students is our top priority. We are extremely selective in our partnerships with motorcoach companies and cultivate extensive relationships with the major airlines to ensure you and your students have the best transportation available.

Asta American Society of Travel Advisors
CLIA Cruise Lines International Association
IATA International Air Transport Association
Signature Travel Network
SYTA The voice of student and youth travel
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