Educational Tours by Corporate Travel

How We Can Serve You

Educational Tours by Corporate Travel is a privately-owned family business which has been serving students and educators since 1965. We create custom tours for all curriculums and fine art studies and serve students as young as fourth grade and as advanced as the collegiate and university level. Our clients value the individual service and customization we provide to every travel experience we facilitate. In addition to domestic destinations such as Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Boston and Nashville, Educational Tours by Corporate Travel also offers international educational tours for students as well as performance tours and workshop clinics for choirs, bands and orchestras. With over forty years of travel experience when serving our student groups, our tours focus on educating students culturally, socially, logistically, and academically.

Our clients observe that Educational Tours by Corporate Travel feels like a close family. It is our objective to make all of our partners and clients a part of this family. Visit our testimonial page to see what our clients are saying.

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